Update regarding A2Z School of English (18/03/2015)


We are pleased to announce that the London branch of A2Z School of English will reopen very soon under new ownership. We aim to open as soon as possible. All students will be able to continue studying and any lost study credits will be honoured. More details will be released shortly by the new owners.


Unfortunately it has not been possible to reopen the Manchester school. As a result EnglishUK now plan to begin the student emergency support fund and place students in other accredited language schools as soon as possible. In addition certain accommodation will be paid for by EnglishUK. Please contact EnglishUK to arrange this.

I am still trying hard to arrange a full voluntary liquidation of the company and it is looking more likely than before.

Once again I wish to apologise to all affected, especially those who have lost out completely. It was never our intention to defraud anyone and  what has happened is a personal as well as a financial disaster for all concerned.

Yours faithfully,

James Taylor

Insolvency declaration


A2Z School of English
(A2Z School of English London Ltd, Manchester School Franchise Ltd (trading as A2Z School of English Manchester), Head Office Manchester Ltd. (A2Z School of English Head Office) and A2Z Education Ltd.)
has ceased trading due to becoming insolvent.

Both schools are closed and there will be no more lessons.

I am very sorry about this situation, it is very bad news for everyone. I apologise to everyone involved. I and other managers have tried everything we could to save the business. We were not successful for many reasons.

  • If you are a student
    • Call EnglishUK and they will organise for you to study in another school at no extra cost.
    • If you are in school organised accommodation call EnglishUK and they will help you with your accommodation provider and payments.
  • If you are an employee see the letter below how you can claim wages and payments from the national insurance fund.
  • If you are a creditor (including agents) refer to the email you have been sent, the letter below or contact james.taylor@a2z-english.com for more details.

EnglishUK contact details

Tel: +44 20 7608 7960

James Taylor

Letter to creditors and other stakeholders

16th March 2015

Dear Sirs,

Re A2Z School of English London Ltd, Manchester School Franchise Ltd (trading as A2Z School of English Manchester), Head Office Manchester Ltd. (A2Z School of English Head Office) and A2Z Education Ltd.

It is with deep regret that I must inform you that the above companies have ceased trading due to becoming insolvent. The difficult decision to cease all trading activities has been forced upon me so as to comply fully with my responsibilities in law as a company director.

The immediate cause for the failure of all companies includes an outstanding debt of more than £30,000 from the Libyan embassy for tuition already provided to students. This payment has been delayed for more than 3 months due to the political disruptions in Libya, which was an important market for both our schools.

Student courses and accommodation
As both of our schools are accredited by Accreditation UK (the British Council) and members of EnglishUK all affected students will be offered replacement courses at other accredited centres and students will have their accommodation payments honoured. For more details please contact EnglishUK.

Details of the scheme: http://www.englishuk.com/en/students/english-in-the-uk/student-emergency...
Contact details:
Tel: +44 020 7608 7960

It is possible that the London school will be bought and continue to operate but with a new name and new owners. In that case London students may be offered courses at this new school.

Credit card refunds
If you paid for a course with a credit card you may be able to ask for a refund from the card processing company. Please see http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/company-administration-help for details of how to make a claim. Our card processing company was https://www.elavon.co.uk/ 

Accommodation providers
If you are an accommodation provider please contact EnglishUK (details shown above) who will explain how the student support fund will function in relation to students you are accommodating. My understanding is that they may pay for you to continue to accommodate students.

If you are an employee of any of the companies you will be able to claim redundancy pay and may be able to claim some other kinds of pay (outstanding wages, holiday pay and other money owed) by making a claim from the national insurance fund - contact the redundancy payments office for more information. 

Redundancy payments enquiry line
Telephone: 0330 331 0020
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Creditors (including agents) - company closure
Unfortunately the companies have insufficient realisable assets and no funds with which to appoint an insolvency practitioner and thereby initiate a voluntary liquidation. I am not in a financial position to fund this personally, having now lost my livelihood.

The company therefore, will now lie in a state of ‘limbo’ until either Companies House strike it from the register or a creditor winds it up through the High Court, leading to the Official Receiver being appointed as liquidator. If you are a creditor of the company I would ask that you consider taking this step so as to bring about the early resolution of the company’s affairs.

Contact details
For any future contact please send all emails to james.taylor@a2z-english.com or write to James Taylor, 83 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JQ.

Yours faithfully,

James Taylor