A Short History of Bad British Food

British food has got a bad reputation….

Bland, tasteless, greasy, fatty and too sweet ...,

...these are often words used by foreign visitors to talk about British food. Is it really true? If so why?

British food’s problems started 200 years ago with the industrial revolution. With so many farm workers leaving the countryside industrial food replaced fresh ones and local delicacies, such as Steak and Oyster Pie, were forgotten.

Then things got worse in the 20th century with the great depression and two world wars. Food was difficult to find until the 1960s. By then British people were so used to bad food that nobody worried about it.

It was only in the 1980s that food began to improve with the arrival of foreign restaurants and take-aways. British people started loving spicy and exotic food like Indian and Chinese. In fact Chicked Tikka Masala is now the most popular dish in Britain.

Today, British people have gone food mad. Every night there are cooking programmes on TV and newspapers with the latest recipes. People talk about food a lot and British people cook a lot more. There are many very good restaurants both British and foreign and not all of them are expensive.  British cooking and lost British dishes are being re-found and re-invented.....

But if you are missing bland, tasteless, greasy, fatty and too sweet food you can still find it on any British high street.