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How to Use the British Library

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Phrasal Verbs



Word Class: Verbs


Verbs make up for one of the main word classes in the English language and one of the two required to make a sentence or clause (along with nouns).
To put things simply, verbs denote an action or a state i.e. the thing that is ‘done’ in the sentence.

My dog barks very loudly.

Pub Quizzes

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Haunted Places in London

Spooky house

Idiom of the Week

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TOEFL : Słuchanie

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A2Z International Franchise Sells English Language School Franchise In Yemen

A2Z International Franchise has successfully franchised their A2Z School of English brand in Yemen and the new school is due to open in a bespoke building in the capital city of Sana’a in mid June 2014.

Private investors chose to set up an English Language school in Yemen in response to the growing need for English Language tuition in the country, where 90% of the population believe English is important to improve their job prospects.

How to Write an Effective Introduction

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