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Word Class : Adverbs

This week, we are presenting to you another word class that is crucial to English sentences : adverbs. Broadening your knowledge of adverbs means becoming a better speaker of English, who can express him/herself much more clearly and exactly !



An adverb is a word whose role is to modify the meaning or intensity of a verb, adjective or another adverb.

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'ALLO 'ALLO: Officer Crabtree


Idiom of the Week

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Word Mash of the Week

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The UK's Biggest Supermarkets

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IELTS - Listening

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Историята на Британия в 700 думи


Queen Victoria at Hyde Park on 26 June 1857

Кралица Виктория в Хайд Парк, Лондон, 1857 година

The History of Britain in 700 Words


Queen Victoria at Hyde Park on 26 June 1857

Queen Victoria at Hyde Park, London in 1857

Learning Skills: Using Online Translation Tools

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Recommended Video of the Week




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