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TOEFL: Yazma


Biz TOEFL iBT sınavının son bölümüne ulaştı .


Genel Bakış

Yazma TOEFL son bölümü, ve tamamlamak için 50 dakika sürer.

Idiom of the Week


TOEFL: Writing


We reached the last section of the TOEFL iBT examination : the Writing.



The Writing is the last section of the TOEFL, and it takes 50 minutes to complete.

Using a Variety of Sentences When Writing


You must have heard from your teachers that you should use a variety of sentences when writing. They are likely to even feature this as one of the points you are graded on. In this article, we will explain to you in detail what is meant by 'a variety of sentences' and how you can apply it effectively in your ESL writing.


Why Is It Important ?

La historia de Rolls-Royce


Driving on the Left!?


When once a British friend mentioned that it is dangerous to cross the street in France as they 'drive on the wrong side of the road,' I found this comment amusing. 'Of course, it is in fact the British that drive on the wrong side of the road !' I thought. This is one of their eccentricities that always attracted me.

The Pasty


While being less famous abroad than other trademarks of British cuisine, such as Fish and Chips or Full British Breakfast, pasties can be found in every corner of the United Kingdom. In fact, this once local specialty managed to span an entire industry of fast and convenient food. One of the most successful companies even became a famous trademark with its black and yellow laughing pirate.

Exploring Valladolid with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry


A2Z School of English had the honour of taking part in a fam trip to Valladolid, Spain.

Recommended Video of the Week


It is the weekend, so most of us are at home and can prepare and eat a rich, elaborate breakfast. That is why we chose this particular video of LittlePim. It is addressed to the youngers learners of English. The included vocabulary is related to food we eat for breakfast as well as cutlery. Whole sentences are used in order for children to get immersed in the language rather than learn separate words.

The Rolls-Royce Story


We are proud to say that the Rolls-Royce story is, like many stories involving science and transportation in particular, Manchester-related: the company’s first headquarters were in Manchester. As you probably know, Rolls-Royce is a car-manufacturing company, based in the UK. Its name, although it sounds as elaborate as a tongue twister, is simply a combination of the two founders’ names. The partnership between Charles Steward Rolls and Sir Frederick Henry Royce started in 1906.

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