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Punctuation Marks


In this grammar blog, we will introduce to you the most frequently used punctuation marks along with their uses and relevant examples. Enjoy!

. - full stop (American English : period)

Idiom of the Week


Banana Skin


Definition :

Something embarrassing or uncomfortable ; something that is expected to have serious negative consequences.


Example :

گوش دادن TOEIC و آزمون خواندن: گوش دادن و درک مفاهیم


در وبلاگ بررسی های قبلی ما، ما به اهمیت امتحان TOEIC و نسخه های موجود آن بحث شده. امروز، ما را در گوش دادن TOEIC و آزمون خواندن، آزمون های مبتنی بر کاغذ، تمام است که کشاورزی در سراسر جهان برای اهداف کسب و کار و نیز افرادی که مایل به در کشورهای انگلیسی زبان زندگی می کنند تمرکز می کنند. گوش دادن و درک مفاهیم: به طور خاص، ما در حال حاضر آیا در اولین بخش از آزمون تمرکز.


TOEIC Listening and Reading Test : Listening Comprehension


In our previous examination blog, we discussed the importance of the TOEIC exam and its existing versions. Today, we will focus on the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test, a paper-based test, which is used around the world for business purposes as well as by people wishing to live in English-speaking countries. Specifically, we will now focus on the test's first section : Listening Comprehension.


Visiting the Dentist in the UK


Although there are some negative stereotypes about teeth and the UK, you should be reassured that you will find appropriate dental care services during your stay in the country. Dentists are available in practically every location in the UK, and you will have several choices if you need to fix a dental problem or if you would like to turn to a modern practice like quick teeth whitening or transparent braces.

Strane leggi nel Regno Unito


La legislazione di ogni paese ci può sorprendere con la sua stranezza e irrilevanza a causa della natura leggi "di essere basata su singoli eventi e rimanere inalterata per anni (a volte secoli). Ma si sarebbe d'accordo che, ancora una volta, la Gran Bretagna ci offre il meglio di umorismo. Godetevi queste leggi strane.


Learning Skills: Vocabulary Flashcards


You may wish to resort to vocabulary flashcards in a variety of learning situations. They may be especially useful if you are revising for an exam and you know for sure what words and phrases will be included in it (e.g. an exam on phrasal verbs or irregular verbs). Slightly less obvious situations would be you preparing for a standard English language examination (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) or having to brush up your English skills for a particular reason (starting a university course, moving to another country, etc.).

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Irregular Verbs



Strange Laws in the UK


Each and every country's legislation can surprise us with its strangeness and irrelevance due to laws' nature of being based upon single occurrences and staying unaltered for years (sometimes centuries).  But you would agree that, once again, Britain offers us the best of humour. Enjoy these strange laws.


Word Class: Nouns


Today we are going to talk about the word class of nouns : one that you are surely very familiar with.


Nouns denote things, people, animals, or ideas; in other words, everything that we can 'name.' Nouns can have qualities, perform actions, and have actions performed on them.

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